Executive Search

Whatever your leadership needs, our time-tested and innovative approach lets clients maximize resources, confidently activate their leadership strategy, and attract the leaders who can release the organization's full potential.

Explore our successful solutions for Mid Level to Senior Level hiring.

Mid-Level Hiring

Our smart hiring tools and concepts can help you on-board strong and competent professionals from the existing marketing.

We specialize in social media hiring, branding, marketing of our clients values and visions. With that we add gist of our market knowledge to enhance and ease pain of hiring process.

Temperory & Contract Staffing

Our temporary staffing services will allow your company to staff up or down depending on the needs of your current business cycle. Temporary staffing allows you to bring down your costs on hiring, training, and providing benefits to new employees, along with the administrative costs of the human resources department.


Comprehensive Approach

We focus on your specific leadership needs, whether facing disruption, merger and acquisitions, global expansion, family business generational shifts or the challenge of driving growth.

In close collaboration with you, we take a focused, strategic approach to talent management providing comprehensive solutions that span the organization - from C-Suite to Mid-Level management.

Technology Driven

With the advancements in machine learning and deep learning, artificial intelligence is scheduled to dramatically impact everyone’s life positively and negatively.


Ultimately robotic process automation will actually force many to evolve their skills to be able to work together with machines.. With Alphamoneta’s help, customers can find Advance Automation/RPA experts who can improve organization and create more efficient workflow processes for your business


There is a critical connection between workforces and employee careers towards the business performance.


Gionik typically directs its efforts towards few pertinent names of relevant active or passive candidates most suited to the client objectives and culture.


Unlike firms who drive a structured search process, thus landing up with visible candidates who have constantly pushed themselves in conference forums, social media & events. Gionik recommends candidates, one layer lower than the poster boys – giving our clients optimum value through further worthy candidates.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the one most responsive to change.

-Charles Darwin